Unique Checks

Unique Checks

Individualism is now a very important aspect of everybody’s life today, and a set of unique checks are designed to reflect it. A lot of people will want nearly every aspect of their life to be customized to their liking, even in little ways. Even a simple checkbook is no exception, but these can be rather tricky (and probably illegal) to tamper on one’s own. Luckily, our services will make it possible for somebody to customize a checkbook.

We offer a way for account holders in any bank to customize a checkbook with unique and personalized designs. Since you will be handing out checks to people, it can also be a good way to leave an impression on them. Making yourself memorable, especially in a business situation, might even make you a preferable person to deal with. You might even reap more benefits, thanks to a personalized and unique check design.

Custom Photo Checks

Custom Photo Checks

Why should someone’s design determine who you are as a person? It shouldn’t – that’s why Carousel Checks offers you the opportunity to design your own discounted checks free of customization charges.


Moonchildren personal checks

Fun and frolic – Moonchildren by Amy S. Petrick adds entertainment which is entitled towards the childish enthusiasm and fervor of people.



Show off your favorite accessory with Purses by Deidre Mosher Personal Checks! A must have for girls, the checks have three unique handbags pictured.

Happy Cats

Happy Cats Personal Checks

Wet Ink Wisdom’s Amy S. Petrik brings us Happy Cats show off her unique style of design. These cat checks surrounded by hearts, flowers and stars show off her style of illustration that will appeal to any cat lover.

San Diego Temple

San Diego Temple Personal Checks

The 45th temple of the church, this temple is a major landmark when traveling the highway to or from San Diego. This temple has two main spires, but unique to this temple are four smaller spires at the base of each main spire.

Girlie Girls

Girlie Girls by Amy S. Petrik

Attractive images, delightful thought and pretty stars, hearts and moon – The Amy S. Petrik’s images and designs are charming and it interests people for its appealing and unique style.


Pharaoh personal checks

Experience the artistic side of Egypt with the Pharaoh Personal Checks where each check has a little piece of Egyptian heritage upon it.

San Diego Temple

San Diego Temple Personal Checks

The 45th temple of the church, this temple is a major landmark when traveling the highway to or from San Diego.


Mermaid Personal Checks

Mermaids Checks – Mermaid Personal Checks.

Personalizing Your Checks

A more imaginative person will probably already have a design for a check in mind. In our society today, utmost importance is placed on the individual, and his ability to express himself through nearly any means possible. That means a person making a design for a checkbook can be just as expressive as an artist painting on a canvas.

The checkbook also offers a practical platform for your design possibilities as well. You will be using a checkbook to pay off many things in your daily life, from your electric bills to tuition fees, and even personal payments to friends and family. You might as well have something that will identify you and only you every time you hand out a check.

Here are some design ideas you can try with your personal checks:

  • Many Americans today share a close relationship with their favorite sports. From baseball, to basketball, and especially American Football, part of what makes a team memorable is their logo or motto. The logo of a sports team is an instant go-to for a check design, so that your business partners will get to know your sporty side.
  • Patterns, whether made up of simple symbols like hearts, or intricate lace and flower designs, can also be suitable for a check. More subtle patterns can cover the entire front of a check in order to achieve a more uniform design that can be as downplayed as it is unique.
  • Cute, furry animals are also a staple of custom checkbook designs. If you are not particularly imaginative, or caring for more intricate, well-thought-out designs, then what better way to customize a checkbook with a picture of a kitten? Even a simply-drawn rendition of a cute animal can strike the heart of a recipient just as well.
  • The logos of your favorite banks are also offered with our services. From the memorable stagecoach of the Wells Fargo bank to the emblem of JP Morgan & Chase, show off your loyalty with your own unique spin of a bank logo.


People who are not as imaginative as others can also choose from our massive library of pre-designed checkbooks. These are no less expressive than the person who designs his own checks; besides, how you present your checks can also speak volumes about you, and your individuality. Our crack team of designers will worry about the check design for you!

Ordering Custom Checkbooks

The magic of online shopping makes it easy and convenient to order your custom checkbook designs. We have streamlined the entire ordering and design process in order to meet the demands of customers who are both experienced with online shopping, or ones who are new to the whole ordeal. A typical order will play out as such:

  • If you have a design of your own in mind, then you may discuss the matter with our designers and staff. Communication will help you transition the image in your head to the final checkbook you receive in the mail.
  • If you don’t have a design in mind, then we offer our own line of pre-made checkbook designs to choose from. Simply add these into your online shopping cart and check out when you’re done picking.
  • Fill out our online forms with your routing and account numbers. This is a very important step that will ensure your checks are accepted by banks and other people you pay as legal tender.
  • Include your shipping details, as well as your preferred mode of payment for the checks. Our secure online shopping feature will make sure your bank details, as well as the details on your routing and account numbers, are kept safe from online hackers.
  • Wait patiently for the checkbooks to come in the mail. We pride ourselves with speedy, reliable service, and great customer support as well.


Customized checks will help you come across as unique to whoever receives your checks. It can be an especially nice thing to have around, even if you are not a globe-hopping millionaire business executive with a massive bank account. Making check designs can be just as nice a hobby to the everyman who has only started a checking account.

Leaving an impression is also a small, yet noticeable part of the check customization experience. The amount of importance modern society puts on the individual can be expressed through something as simple as a checkbook. Who knows; you may even make a new friend or business partner with a unique check design.

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