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Reasons Why You Should Shop with Styles Checks

When you are almost out of checks and you need to reorder new ones, why not do it with Styles Checks? is one of the highly recommended check printing companies that provide high quality, safe, and secure bank checks. This check printing company is also well known for its fast delivery services, so you do not need to worry about not being able to pay your bills through your checks on time. On top of all of these features, you now also have the chance to stop using your old, bland, and boring bank checks and make use of stylish and cool checks when you order from this company.

One of the greatest things that you will benefit from when you order your bank checks from Styles is that you will be able to find more than just regular, plain, and standard checks. You will find bank checks and other bank check-related products that will suit your preference and your style. With more than 200 personal bank check designs, Styles Checks carries something that is guaranteed to satisfy all niches of interest and preference. If you are still hesitant to order your bank checks from style, then continue reading this article to find out the reasons why you should already start doing so.

Wide Collection of Stylish and Trendy Bank Check Designs

As mentioned above, when you do your shopping for all your bank check requirements with Styles Checks, you will be able to choose from more than 200 bank check designs. And it is easy to find something that you will truly love to have printed on your bank checks as the website features well organized bank check design categories.

Here are the bank check design categories that Styles currently has to offer:

  • What’s New – These are new and fresh designs that you can only find being offered in the website of Styles. Some of these designs include Tuscan Spice, Dragons, Pony Girl, Concrete Jungle, Green Routine, and Destination among many others.
  • Animal Lovers – Whether you love feathered pets, furry pets, or scaly pets, you will find the pet of your dreams in this selection of Animal Lovers bank check designs.
  • Collector’s Edition – Created by renowned artists such as Debbie Brooks, Gary Patterson, and Amy Brown, this category features classic as well as fresh bank check designs including favorites from Hershey’s, Marvel Entertainment, and DreamWorks Animation.
  • Country Music Stars – Country Music is as American as you can get. If you are a fan of this music genre, then you can show it through your bank check designs available only here at Styles Checks.
  • Fan Checks by Styles – If you are a fan of something or someone, such as rhythm and blues, country music, or famous celebrities, find the perfect design for your bank checks in this category.
  • Girly – Express your feminine side and embrace your strengths as a woman of this world through these truly girly bank check designs.
  • Image by Styles – This category includes Inspiration designs, Swirls designs, and Chocolate Décor designs among others.
  • Image Collector’s – If you want entertaining designs such s the Classic Betty Boop or the Pink Panther, then this is the category that you should take a closer look into.
  • Patterns – These designs are stylish in its’ own yet very simple and entertaining.
  • Personalities – If classic and beloved celebrities are what you want, then this is the right selection for you.
  • Professions – Be proud of your profession and show it to the world through the designs included in this category.
  • Rock Stars – Fan of rock music? Then let it out by using the designs in this Styles Checks category.
  • Special Interests – This category carries bright and fun designs that will truly entertain you.
  • Sports – Whatever sports you love, Styles Checks has the perfect bank check designs for you.
  • Traditional – The bank check designs in this category will allow you to enjoy classic elegance and timeless traditional designs.
  • Wheels – Show your love for vehicles through these fun automobile designs.

Personalized Bank Checks Featuring Your Own Design

If in case you do not become interested with any of the bank check designs that Styles Checks carries, you also have to option to make use of your own designs. This is a great way to make use of your imagination and let out your creative side. All you need to do is upload a copy of the design you wish to have printed on your bank checks through the uploader tool available in the website. You can upload any design you wish to, whether it is a design you created or a beloved family photo.

Important Bank-Check Accessories Available

Aside from this, you will also be able to purchase matching stylish checkbook covers, contact or calling cards, and address labels. These bank check accessories also come with different designs and styles to choose from. All that you need for your banking needs can be purchased through the website of Styles Checks. This company is truly a one stop place to shop for all your bank check and bank check accessories needs.

These are just some of the reasons as to why you should already consider shopping for all your bank checks and bank check accessories with Styles Checks. The fast delivery services that this company employs will guarantee you that your convenience is always prioritized. When you place your order for bank checks and accessories, all you have to do is to wait for your items to be delivered right at your doorstep.

Pink Panther

Pink Panther Checks

Born of movie fame, this sly feline has been on the prowl since 1964. Now, in his infinite pinkdom, Pink Panther is gracing checks, address labels, contact cards and a checkbook cover.


Hexadecimal Checks

If the intricate workings of a computer system intrigue you-down to the very numbers that make it tick-then this design is for you.

Gary Patterson Dogs

Gary Patterson Dogs Checks

Enjoy the sweet and silly antics of man’s best friend. It’s true that walking around while wearing a bag on your head can be considered a sport…as long as you’re a dog.

Rachael Hale’s Smitten

Rachael Hale's Smitten Checks

Rachael Hale brings you the world’s most lovable animals. Her unmistakable and endearing photos will bring that same special quality to your checks.


Argyle Puppies Checks

Modern colors liven up a classic design to deliver a fresh take on argyle.

Li’l Angels

Li'l Angels Checks

Delicate cherubs bring a li’l bit of heaven to these beautiful check designs.


Easyriders Checks

The open air and the open road are all you need for the perfect ride on these award-winning, custom Harley Davidson motorcycles.


Circles Checks

Funky and fun, yet sophisticated, bold colors complement subdued chocolate backgrounds for a truly stylish design on your checks and accessories.

Water’s Edge

Water's Edge Checks

Serene waterfronts, dotted with lighthouses, boats & fishing communities, are brought to life by artist Sally Caldwell Fisher.

Kiss It Goodbye

Kiss It Goodbye Checks

This fun design is sure to ignite a smile in everyone who sees it. The Kiss It Goodbye series features checks, address labels, contact cards & a matching leather checkbook cover.


Mod Checks

Fresh colors and bold elements energize your checks, address labels, personal cards and checkbook.


Confetti Checks

Throw a party with every check you write! The Confetti series features checks, address labels and contact cards and is nicely complemented by the Vibrant Red leather checkbook cover.

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