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A banker with a penchant for the dark and unusual may prefer to have a skull design on his checks. A brooding symbol for death, mortality, and even pure evil, nothing quite gets the attention like the human skull. It can also be a rather edgy design to put on a simple check, helping you get across your seriousness and professionalism when handing out a check. Who knows; the person receiving the check might even like the design too!

Whether you want a skull, or another design on your checkbook, we are dedicated to offering the best designs and value for money possible. A check book is designed to have you spend money in the first place, so we do hope our affordable prices reduce the brunt of your expenditures as well. In this case, a skull may also represent the state of your finances at the moment, making it a subtle yet stark message to the people you hand out checks to.

Custom Designs!Custom Checks

Build your own checks, use family photos, pictures of your dog, your favorite team’s logo, it doesn’t matter! Have fun!

Skull Patterns
Skull Patterns Personal Checks
These checks have an assortment of skulls. Each skull ranges from black and white, with different background colors and styles.
Girly Skull Cloth
Girly Skull Cloth Checkbook Cover
Girly Skull Cloth Checkbook Covers are meant for top tear checks.
Pastel Skulls
Pastel Skulls
These checks have an assortment of colored skulls shaped into a heart.
Girly Skulls Top Stub
Girly Skulls Top Stub
Girly Skulls Top Stub Personal Checks feature images of a bow and mascara wearing skull with crossbones behind and underneath it. The checks have colors such as black, purple, pink, blue, and orange.
Skull Patterns
Skull Patterns
Save time with these self-adhesive address labels. These are great for identifying everything from books, video tapes, envelopes, and much much more. We are pleased to also offer matching checks to go with your address labels.
Skull Bones
Skull Bones Personal Checks
Humankind has been fascinated by death for centuries. Let your fascination show with our Skull Bones Personal Checks. Get with the current fashion.
Colorful Skull of Hearts
Colorful Skull of Hearts
These checks have an assortment of colored skulls shaped into a heart.

The Human Skull: Symbolism

A person who chooses a skull as a checkbook design may not always be a depraved lunatic with death constantly on his mind. Quite the opposite, in fact; the human skull does not only represent death, but mortality and even celebration in some cultures. The diversity in symbolism that the human skull represents has made it a popular design choice for many centuries.

Let’s have a look at the many cultures around the world that acknowledge and admire what the human skull represents:

  • The human skull is the center of attention in Mexico’s “Day of the Dead” festival. There is an old saying that says that men should not mourn the dead, but celebrate the life and times they had together when they once lived. In fact, most banks in Mexico are closed on the Day of the Dead festival.
  • The skull has also been a popular literary device in contemporary and classical times. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the titular character mentions the skull that belonged to an old friend of his, Horatio, in an ironic expression of dark humor.
  • The human skull was, and still does to this very day, maintain prominence in many works of art. Painters and illustrators alike enjoy the brooding symbolism that the skull, and the many parts that make it, expresses in its barest form.
  • The Jolly Roger is also a popular rendition of the skull. Commonly associated with the pirates and brigands of yesteryear, it has also been adopted by many military units and special forces branches across the globe as a symbol of cold, efficient professionalism.
  • Today, the skull-and-crossbones symbol is also used on modern signage. For example, a skull can be used to represent a poisonous or biological hazard in some factories, storage facilities, and many other industrial settings.

As you can see, the skull can represent so many other things besides death. Putting this kind of design on a check can be a powerful yet simple expression of seriousness and professionalism that a recipient will understand immediately. You, the account holder, may also be able to appreciate the heritage and rich history the skull has gathered throughout time.

Ordering a Skull Checkbook

If you have always been worried about the skull representing something unsavory, then leave the designing to us. Our crack team of designers will be able to help you come up with a design that will not come across as threatening to the people you hand out checks to, if that is your wish. Otherwise, you may pick out a design of your own choosing for us to print on high-quality checkbooks.

Here’s how you can order your skull checkbooks using our services.

  • If you have settled on an appropriate design, whether pre-made or your own, pick out a design in the appropriate web site or drop-down menus. Our team of designers will take care of the rest.
  • Fill out the online forms with the corresponding details; your routing and bank account numbers are required for the check designs, and your address and payment method for shipping and purchasing.
  • Now, all you have to do is sit back and wait in the mail for your customized skull checkbooks to arrive at your doorstep.

We also offer a wide range of pre-made designs for a customer to choose from. Picking out a pre-designed skull check will not make you less imaginative than the person next to you anyway; sometimes, the way you present your checks can express just as much as a flashy design. Your checkbook may only represent a small part of your personality.

Part of our services also includes easy customer service and dependable shipping at dirt-cheap costs. With our prices, you will be offered a high-quality checkbook for the lowest prices possible, including shipping.

Some customers understand that a checkbook can be another way to express oneself. While art and literature can also be great ways for a person to explore self-expression, and even the human skull, in so many ways, the practicality that a checkbook offers will allow you to bring your art with you to the office and bank.

Leaving your impression with the people you do business with is also something priceless that a check design can do for you. With skull checks, you may get your seriousness for finances and business across to anybody you hand out a check to.

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