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6 Reasons To Order Walmart Checks

Very few are aware that they can order Walmart Checks, but everyone knows its reputation as one of the biggest retail stores not only in the United States, but quite possibly, the world. The claim is that consumers can find virtually anything they want from the store, and undoubtedly, including bank checks. Checking account holders looking to order a fresh batch of bank checks can try to place an order in order to generate some savings on the cost of printing.

Many checking account holders who have had such a gracious experience with Walmart consider it as one of the best online check ordering services the industry has today. This is based mostly on the fact that the store is capable of providing hard-to-find character checks along with enormous variety of checking accessories all offered at extremely competitive prices. These are all extremely good reasons to consider their check ordering service, but, for the more discriminating checking account holder, here are several more reasons to order Walmart Checks.

1. Comparatively affordable in price.

The check printing services being offered by Walmart is widely considered as inexpensive when compared to the same services offered elsewhere online as well as those of traditional financial institutions. With the convenience of ordering bank checks for any types of checking account under the name of the customer extended to everyone, it presents quite a unique opportunity for checking account holders with accounts from multiple banks to consolidate their orders from a single provider.

It is common knowledge for those who have checking accounts for a substantial period that ordering bank checks from traditional financial institutions can be considerably expensive. However, when you order Walmart Checks, the cost is significantly reduced based on the volume of the order as well as the level of personalization that goes into the design. More significantly, the savings is not derived only from the actual cost of printing, but also from the convenience of being able to order from the comfort of your homes.

2. Relatively short processing time.

One of the challenges usually faced by checking account holders is that they run out of checks and need a new batch almost instantaneously. This is one of the advantages being presented by the check printing services of Walmart. Some customers relate that they were able to receive an order of a box of doubles in approximately 30 minutes when going to the store, not ordering online.

On the average though, if the order will be placed online, it will take about one to two business days to finish based on the current queue of orders as well as the volume being placed by the customer. This is still extremely acceptable compared to the five working days it will usually take if the order is placed in a traditional financial institution. The great thing about this is that there is no substantial difference in the price if checking account holders order from the store or online.

3. Places a value on security.

It goes without saying that bank checks should possess necessary security features to prevent scams and frauds from being perpetrated. It is also a good deterrent to protect checking account holders from identity theft and other malicious intents. When checking account holders order Walmart Checks, they can be assured of several layers of protection that is guaranteed to be placed on the bank checks.

The layers of protection make sure that no one aside from the checking account holder will be able to use the bank checks as legal tender. In fact, when placing an order, Walmart is considerably strict, because it will ask initially for the routing number and account number of the customer. The information will be asked twice as a form of verification of the given data. It will then be subjected to confirmation to ensure that the order is being placed legally.

Customers will also be asked for the mailing address of the bank where the account is being held as well as the driver’s license details of the account holder. The submitted information will be confirmed via SSN or through fax, depending on the preference of the customer placing the order. The same level of diligence is placed on the protection of the printed bank checks with the inclusion of proprietary security features.

As an added incentive, customers will also be offered a service that will protect them and their checking account from incidences of forged endorsements, forged signatures, and altered checks. All of these are in place to give the customer the peace of mind that every transaction remains legitimate.

4. Protection of personal identity.

There is no disputing that identity theft has been one of the biggest banking problems in recent years in the United States. Because of this, Walmart takes every possible initiative to verify the authenticity not only of the identification of the account holder, but also of the order as well as the bank account. Customers who intend to place an order should be ready to provide the month and year when the checking account was opened at their financial institution. Usually, this can be verified from the Customer Service Department of the bank where the account is being held.

5. Easy tracking of orders.

Another useful feature available when you order Walmart Checks is that there is a function where the order can be tracked. This is normally done through the shipping information that was provided by the checking account holder during the order process. This gives the customer a relatively accurate status of the shipment of the order. The same facility allows customers to verify if shipment is available in their locality by simply entering their ZIP Code.

6. Numerous available accessories.

Aside from the bank checks that can be ordered, there are literally dozens of accessories that can be bought to accompany and match the order. There are single and duplicate wallet checks available depending on the type being used by the checking account holder. These can hold as many as 150 checks along with 30 deposit tickets. There are also matching address labels, social cards, and checkbook covers that can be ordered from Walmart. Checking account holders looking for more options may be interested in social stamps, envelopes, social stationary, and address stamps.

All of these reasons will make the entire process of ordering checks less disappointing. Moreover, it gives immense value to checking account holders when they order Walmart Checks.

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