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Vistaprint may offer their own line of printing services, but ours will gladly put the company’s prestigious name on checkbooks you can trust. They are known worldwide as an online supplier of print materials to small businesses and consumers, making them a trusted name in the business. We also offer much of the flexibility and quality of Vistaprint, only tailor-made specifically for your checks and related material.

Whether or not you want the Vistaprint name on your checks, our services will do more than just make the checkbooks you need to get by on a daily basis. Along with quality-printed checkbooks, you can also opt for useful accessories that are stylish to boot! Any checkbook-related order will be consolidated with any other order you make with us, with speedy and quick service on top of quality products.

About Vistaprint

Vistaprint is one of the world’s leading suppliers of print materials. Much of their products are marketed towards small businesses and general consumers, and continues to grow exponentially. Despite their existence in an increasingly digital age, Vistaprint still leads the print media pack to this very day.

The Vistaprint as we know it today got its start in Paris, France in 1995. Started by an entrepreneur named Robert Keane, he started the company right after he graduated from the prestigious European Institute of Business Administration. Keane intended to market his print materials to small businesses, fulfilling smaller bulk orders rather than more expensive, larger ones.

The low-volume niche was quickly filled by Vistaprint in its early years. Advanced printing technology allowed smaller businesses to place smaller orders in the tens, instead of hundreds and thousands. Keane developed these printing methods about a year before his graduation, and utilized it to full effect when the business boomed.

By 1998, the company had set up a successful venture into the internet, creating a reputable e-commerce system that proved to be even more successful with customers. The following year, Vistaprint patented the use of online graphic design and print tools, which made the company even more capable of quickly fulfilling small print orders at lower costs.

While the internet crash of 2000 brought the company to its knees, it quickly recovered through the smart use of company restructuring. By 2005, Vistaprint became a publicly-traded IPO and appeared on the NASDAQ for the first time ever. Since their debut on the stock market, they have seen consistent growth on the market, and even expansion into the global printing market.

Vistaprint offers the capabilities of popular mass-printing techniques for smaller print runs. Through the use of proprietary tools, Vistaprint allows smaller companies, and even consumers, to use intuitive self-service design methods to personalize and create printouts, packaging, and other print materials easily and effectively.

After a customer is finished designing, the final product is then dispatched through one of Vistaprint’s printing plants. In addition to the many printing facilities around the world, the company still maintains a world headquarters right in the heart of Venlo in the Netherlands. Have your Vistaprint materials, checkbooks included, made and shipped out on the same day!

Vistaprint and Your Checkbooks

While you might think of getting your checkbooks done at Vistaprint instead, they do not have the in-depth knowledge and quality of the check market like we do! Don’t worry; we’ll also be able to fulfill smaller, personal orders on top of the bulk options we offer. You won’t have to make out a check with a large sum of money for us to do it, either!

With Vistaprint as your design motif, you may very well be able to represent the famous printing company you work for, or simply to display your preference in the company. Here are a few ideas:

• Run by a team of experienced designers, Vistaprint in itself makes a good design idea to put on your checks. Have the logo of the company placed right in a vacant corner of your checks to let people know which printing company you love best!
• Having a lightly embossed design peppering the background without looking too intrusive might be a better idea for a more subtle design approach. That, or a simple color scheme to accompany the Vistaprint company logo might be ideas to consider.
• If you are having trouble deciding on an appropriate design, just let our crack team of check designers know what you are looking for. We have plenty of pre-made check designs for you to choose from, if you’d rather not go through the trouble of making one yourself!

Getting the best value for your money and time is possible when you order our checks. Our experience with bringing the best quality checks for the price paid at speedy delivery times will also ensure you are handing out checks to pay your bills and other financial obligations in no time!

Ordering is a simple affair, much like the tools Vistaprint offers to make your print materials. Toss your preferred check designs, and any accessories you might want, right into the online shopping cart. Fill out a couple of forms with their appropriate details, and then hit the order button. Your new checkbooks and accessories will be shipped out quickly.

Whether you prefer Vistaprint to adorn your checks, or something else, our services will make your orders quick, painless, and loaded with quality for the best check writing experience possible.

Custom Designs!

Custom Checks

Build your own checks, use family photos, pictures of your dog, your favorite team’s logo, it doesn’t matter! Have fun!

Beach Getaway

Beach Getaway Personal Checks

Beach Getaway Personal Checks let your mind escape to a beautiful tropical beach with sunshine and the relaxing sound of the waves.

Pink Safety

Pink Safety Personal Checks

Checks are used for transaction and for paying the customer or the client their due cash amount. The checks have a room for the payee name, date and amount as well as the legroom for adding the signature of the company or the individual.

Skull Checks

Skull Checks - Skulls and More Skulls Personal Checks

Skulls are popular – and here are some more…Skull Checks – Skulls and More Skulls Personal Checks

Betty Boop

Betty Boop - Just Say Boop

These Betty Boop checks are as fun and playful as Betty herself! Coordinating return address labels and checkbook cover available.



Find inner peace and harmony with these Asian-inspired designs. Coordinating address labels and checkbook cover available.

Island Paradise

Island Paradise Top Tear Personal Checks

Relax and forget your worries with Island Paradise Top Tear Personal Checks! There are four different images of beaches featuring palm trees, sunset, and the ocean waves.

Antique Dots

Antique Dots Personal Checks

If your a simple soul, Antique Dots Personal Checks are perfect for you. These checks have a plain design of dots and swirls in various colors of brown.

Disney Fairies Checks

Disney Fairies Checks

With Tinkerbell being introduced in 1953 in Peter Pan, Disney fairies have been a very popular franchise. Get four beautiful scenes of gorgeous fairies with this check series.

Mickey Fun-Tastic

Mickey Fun-Tastic Checks

Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, and Goofy are some of the most popular characters of the Disney franchise. Experience your favorite Disney characters and their favorite sayings with this fun and entertaining series of checks.

Metro Checks

Metro Checks

By popular demand, introducing a new classic look check series. These four contemporary patterns have an urban metropolitan look and appeal, hence the name – Metro!

ASPCA® Dogs Checks

ASPCA®  Dogs Checks

Support one of your favorite charities. 6% of the retail price from these checks go to the ASPCA® for humane programs.

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