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Checks in the Mail is undoubtedly the most popular check printing company in the market today. The company has been around since 1922 making them the foremost authority when it comes to tailor-made personal and business checks. Checks in the Mail is known for the attractive and unique check designs and styles that they offer. Whether you are looking to purchase checks for personal use or for business purposes, Checks in the Mail offers a variety of checks and check-related merchandise at affordable prices.

Checks In The Mail guarantees:

  • High Quality Products

Since the company started its check printing business some 80 years ago, Checks in the Mail has been consistent when it comes to the quality of their products. They use fine paper and quality ink to ensure customer satisfaction.

The personal checks offered by Checks in the Mail come in three basic formats:

–          Top-stub tear

–          All-top tear

–          Side tear

Single checks and duplicate checks come in both all-top and side-tear format. Top-stub tear format on the other hand only comes in single checks variety.

  • Distinctive Designs

If you are tired of the boring design of checks that your bank offers, why not give Checks In The Mail a try. They offer up to 200 check designs. The company is staffed with the most talented artists who ensure only the best designs are featured for personal checks, business checks, and even check accessories.

Here are just a couple of the best-selling designs:

  • Stars and stripes
  • Blue safety
  • Fleur de lis
  • M & M
  • Hello Kitty
  • Boho
  • Inspirations
  • Neo-classic

Checks in the Mail also offers eco-friendly checks. If you want to make a difference and help in saving Mother Earth, you can do so by ordering recycled checks. The recycled personal checks use 30% post-consumer fiber and soy-based inks. Go green in style by ordering up to 4 boxes of checks! Checks in the Mail helps in reducing the carbon footprint by delivering recycled and green checks to its millions of consumers.

  • Superior Service

Checks in the Mail is known for their superb customer service. They employ only the best personnel for their customer service department. They can answer all product-related inquiries that you may have. They are also known to assist current customers with utmost courtesy. They are prompt in the delivery of information as well. Their highly-efficient customer service department is one of the reasons why Checks in the Mail caters to customers by the millions.

  • Maximum Convenience

When you order from Checks In The Mail, you are offered utmost convenience since you can complete the transaction right in the comfort of your home. Customers can simply provide their check information online. The website makes use of the advanced encryption technology to ensure that customer information cannot be deciphered by third parties.

Your checks will be delivered to your doorstep in as fast as 12 days! You may also choose to have shipping expedited so you can make use of your customized checks right away!

If you are still undecided, you can request Checks in the Mail to send you a catalog. The free catalog will definitely help you in choosing the perfect check style and design that matches your personality and taste!

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Checks in the Mail offer premium checks and coordinated products at affordable prices. Combine that with world-class customer service and you will soon find yourself a regular customer by Checks in the Mail.

Checks In The Mail Website

Checks in the Mail feature a user-friendly website. Customers can easily navigate through products by category. Browse through products with ease by clicking on the category of your choice. You may also utilize the search feature which makes it even easier for you to purchase specific check designs and accessories.

The website of Checks in the Mail also provides answers to all customer-related inquiries. If you are not satisfied with the detailed information that can be found on their website, you can simply call their customer service for further inquiries.

How safe is it to order from Checks in the Mail?

Security of customer information is of utmost importance to Checks in the Mail. This is one of the reasons why they enforce strict security and privacy features online. Here are the four security features that the company applies to their checks to eliminate the incidence of check fraud and identity theft:

  • Chemically-sensitive paper
  • CheckSafe Backer
  • MP Padlock Icon
  • MP Icon

All these features ensure that your financial assets and credit reputation are protected at all times.

Checks in the Mail is a proud member of organizations that promote customer security:

–          American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

–          Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA)

–          Direct Marketing Association (DMA)

–          American Mail Order Check Association (AMOCA)

Checks in the Mail offers and promos

Customers on a tight budget can utilize online coupon codes when buying checks online. Coupon codes allow customers to take advantage of huge savings. These coupon codes can be found in affiliate websites and websites that offer coupon codes from a variety of vendors.

All customers need to do is type in the coupon code in the checkout page. The system will automatically deduct the discount before a payment transaction proceeds. The best thing about these coupon codes is the fact that you can share them with families and friends who are looking to save when buying checks from checks in the Mail as well!


EcoHealth Alliance

EcoHealth Alliance Checks

The premier international conservation science organization – EcoHealth Alliance, formerly known as Wildlife Trust.


ASPCA®  Dogs Checks

Logo and Message Lines not available with this design. Checks are printed on recycled paper containing 30% post-consumer fiber using soy-based inks.


Dreamcatcher Checks

Dreamcatcher is spirited design by Sparky & Marie. Featured on the checks are colorful butterflies, floral and feathers.

Water Flowers

Water Flowers Checks

Water Flowers is a fun floral design by Sparky & Marie. Featured on the checks are a variety of colorful flowers.

Buck Wear

Buck Wear Checks

Our new Buck Wear checks feature wildlife and hunter images paired with comical phrases and a whole lot of attitude.

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Cute Shoes

Cute Shoes Checks

Every girl loves shoes and this new check series by designer Bonnie Marcus has four very desirable heels featured prominently in the logo area.


Cocktails Checks

Connoisseurs of cocktails will love this new brightly patterned design which features four fashion forward females with cocktail glass in hand.

Dena Designs Holiday

Dena Designs Holiday Checks

Fill your checkbook with this new red and green patterned design created especially for the Holidays, yet contemporary enough for everyday use.

Skirts and Friends

Skirts and Friends Checks

This unusual new design by artist Monica Lee features patterned skirts on a striped background with a cute furry friend.

Swirly Girl

Swirly Girl Checks

Perfect for the fashionable women’s checkbook, this new series by artist Bonnie Marcus features a stylish girl leaning against the right side of the check with a swirled multi-colored background.

Splendid Shores

Splendid Shores Checks

Enjoy the view of ocean shorelines in your checkbook. These splendid vistas, as seen through the artistic eye of Christian Riese Lassen, will have you dreaming of a tropical paradise vacation as you write your checks.

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