Chase Checks

Chase Checks

As one of the most popular banks in America, Chase serves millions of accounts every day through bank transfers, loans and through even more financial services. Checking services are also a staple of modern banking services, and are used to pay for everything from your childrens’ tuition fees, to getting paid at the workplace. It’s hard to find something in daily life that can’t be paid for with a checkbook.

When you open a checking account, you will need a checkbook to go with it. Luckily, Chase will usually offer their own brand of checkbook when customers open accounts with them. Some branches will even offer them in different designs for a little more variety. Not all branches, however, will have designs that meet the aesthetic desires of certain customers, so custom checkbooks are made to fill in this niche.

About Chase Bank

            Chase Bank, or JPMorgan Chase Bank North America, is one of the national banks of the United States. It offers both consumer and commercial banking, and is considered one of the largest banking institutions as part of the Big Four, which includes the Bank of America, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo.

In its earliest incarnation, the roots of Chase as we know it today got its start as the Manhattan Company in the 18th century. The Manhattan Company history was rather turbulent up to the start of the 19th century. A bitter competition lasted until the point that the owner of the bank at the time, Aaron Burr, challenged and defeated the owner of a rival banking company in a duel.

In the 1870’s, Chase National Bank was established. It was named after Salmon Chase, the former Secretary of the United States Treasury and Chief Justice. It served as a whole sale bank which dealt with many other financial institutions at the time. Through the years, it struck major deals with large companies like General Electric and ExxonMobil.

Chase bank eventually merged with Manhattan Bank in the 1950’s. Despite Chase being a much larger financial institution, they decided tor retain their merger’s name. For a short period of time, they kept the name “Chase Manhattan Bank,” and was later renamed to “Chase Manhattan Corporation.”

JP Morgan later purchased Chase Manhattan Bank, along with many other financial institutions that would shape Chase into the financial monolith we all know so much about today. Along with the acquisitions of Bank One, Chase soon became the largest issuer of credit cards in the entire United States.

Today, the bank is headquartered in the heart of Chicago, and now owns most of the assets formerly owned by Washington Mutual. They are part of the largest four banks in America, whose combined holdings account for nearly 40% of all customer deposits in the entire United States.

How to Get Chase Checks

            If you are not one for choosing custom designs, and would be perfectly satisfied with the basic ones from the bank, then you can get your checks straight from Chase Bank. Here’s how:

  • First, you must hold a checking account at Chase Bank. This will make you eligible for an online account on their website, where you can order checks, and even manage your other accounts.
  • Your account number is also needed when you order checks. This part, if you haven’t guessed by now, identifies your bank account number, and is located on the upper right portion of your check.
  • When you are able to log into the website, fill in your routing and transit numbers on the corresponding fields. This series of steps are needed to identify which bank your check comes from, and is located on the bottom-left area of each check.
  • You may have to enter your e-mail address to continue. Through this e-mail, you may be e-mailed a receipt or a tracking number so you can find out how far your new checkbook is in transit.

Ordering a custom check is also done the same way. Whether you are ordering Chase checks from their official website, or from our services, you will find the ordering process streamlined for optimal convenience.

On top of convenience, we also offer a way for each and every customer to personalize his or her own checks. A custom design will speak volumes about a person giving out a check, regardless if you belong to Chase Bank or otherwise. Here are a few design ideas you can try when you order checks from us:

  • Your favorite sports teams can represent your love for sports, as well as your loyalty to Chase Bank. Whether you love basketball, football, baseball, or even more obscure sports, the logo of your favorite team will show off your sporty side.
  • Cute patterns can add a more uniform yet unique style to every check you hand out. You don’t need to be flashy and in-your-face to express yourself through something as commonplace as a checkbook.
  • People who cannot decide on a design can even come to our crack team of designers for help. We even have a variety of pre-made designs for the undecided customer. Not having your own design will not make you any less expressive than the next person.

A custom check can even leave a good impression on the person you give it to. Whether you would like to represent the colorful history of Chase Bank, or your own individuality, the choice is ultimately up to you.

Custom Designs!Custom Checks 
Build your own checks, use family photos, pictures of your dog, your favorite team’s logo, it doesn’t matter! Have fun!
Beach LivingBeach Bank Checks

These checks say “I could be on a beach if I didn’t have to write you this check”. Escape with these beach checks.

Secure ChecksSecure Bank Checks 

These checks come with secure ID and the highest level of checking protection. Lock your checks down here.

Trendy Skulls
Girlie Skull ChecksWarning: Girls Only! Our trendy skulls checks will show em you’re the boss and you got killer style too!
Retro Bank ChecksRetro squares bring back the groovy style of the 70’s. Bring back style but maybe not bell bottom jeans!
Modern SuaveBlue Bank Checks

Blue chill: simple, elegant, and modern. We’ve got plenty more options with a similar style and more colors.

ParadiseParadise Checks

Travel the world with these unique checks that showcase exotic beaches around the globe. Get away today!

AntiqueAntique Bank Checks

Do you watch the Antique Roadshow? If so these checks are just for you! Classic and stylish.

Trendy Plaid
Reorder Checks 

NO!!! You got it wrong, it’s not bell bottoms that are back. Be cool again, burn those bottoms order these checks!

Hello Kitty Checks
Hello Kitty Checks

Hello Kitty checksare SO popular! Promise us when you get these in the mail you say “Hello Kitty!”… “checks”.

Frogs of the World
Frog ChecksWe love frogs almost as much as Miss Piggy. This isn’t Kermit though these are from the rainforest.
Dolphins Checks
Dolphins Bank Checks


We believe you can fly! Shoot lasers from eyes! We also know your real identity, Clark Kent.

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