Carousel Checks

Carousel Checks

Reorder From Carousel Checks (They are the best)

Carousel Checks is the check printing company you can trust. With over 30 years under its belt, it’s undoubtedly the most popular check printing company in the country. The quality of their products is unmatched and the affordability is yet to be defeated by competing check printing companies online. The main products brought to you by Carousel Checks are personal checks and business checks.

Who said that you can’t infuse personal style to your everyday financial transactions? Carousel Checks makes is possible for its customers to customize the appearance of personal checks too. With a variety of customization features to choose from, you can definitely make your personal checks unique and attractive.

Carousel Checks boasts the most current and trendy check designs. Customers are offered up to 3500 check designs. The company also updates their already huge style database on a regular basis, thus adding more check designs that their customers can choose from.

The website of Carousel Checks also feature check accessories- add-ons that perfectly compliment their check product line. It’s your one-stop shop when it comes to quality checks and check accessories.

Choose from a Variety of Check Formats

Carousel Checks offers four check formats that customers can choose from:

–          Single Wallet Checks

Fit single checks in your wallet. It’s the simplest check format and is very convenient to carry around.

–          Duplicate Wallet Checks

Carousel Checks offer carbonless duplicate checks. Issue a check and the next page will reflect the same information thus making it easy for customers to keep track of their financial transactions.

–          Top Stub Checks

You can balance and manage your checking account by purchasing a top stub check. Copy all pertinent information after writing a check to pay for bills, utilities, and alike. You have the ability to keep track of the remaining balance of your checking account by using top stub checks.

–          Side-tear Checks

Although not the most traditional check format, side-tear checks are becoming more and more popular due to its convenience feature. A lot of checkbook owners find it more convenient to tear from the side of the check. The edge is smoother and cleaner with side-tear checks.

It should be noted that a single purchase also includes a total of 24 deposit slips and 1 register. These features make it easier to balance your checking account. With Carousel Checks, you can order up to eight boxes of checks in a single transaction.

Carousel Checks Search Engine Feature

Carousel Checks has a user-friendly website as evidenced by the Search engine box located at the company’s Home page. First-time online visitors can simply type in the check design in mind. Its powerful search engine then provides all matching results. This saves customers’ time, especially those who lead busy and hectic schedules. With Carousel Checks you are guaranteed to find the check design that you’ve long been looking for.

Personalized Checks from Carousel Checks

Carousel Checks is popular due to the check customization services that they offer.

–          Custom Photo Checks

Carousel Checks enables customers to upload their favorite photo or picture and apply them onto personal checks. What better way to customize your check than by having a family picture or even a picture of you as check background.

–          Custom Photo Address Labels

If you’re a professional or a business owner, address labels are definite must-haves. Why not order your address labels at Carousel Checks as well? The company is not only known as the top producer of personalized checks, they are also known to produce coordinating products and accessories. Customers can choose from over 300 address label designs. You can even customize your address label by uploading a photo from your digital library!

–          Custom Signature Stamps

Working professionals need signature stamps to make work and financial transactions easier and more convenient. Carousel Checks offer customized signature stamps at affordable prices. They make use of high-quality ink making it possible for customers to make thousands of impression before refilling.

Customize your checks further by choosing from over 7 typestyles

  • Retro
  • Olde English
  • Flair
  • Wisdom
  • Standard
  • Modern
  • Hip

Logos and Monogram Add-Ons

Add your personality and style to every transaction by looking through the 50 stock logos and two monogram styles that Carousel Checks offer. You may choose one or both of these customization features to be added onto your chosen check design.

Check Accessories

Your check ordering experience online is not complete without accessories. The company also sells an assortment of check accessories that perfectly match any of the 3500 designs from Carousel Checks.

–          Computer Checks

–          Desk Sets

–          Deposit Tickets

–          Checkbook Covers

–          Address Labels

–          Signature Stamps

Security and Online Safety Features of Carousel Checks

To avoid check fraud and unauthorized use of check, Carousel Checks utilizes the most advanced security feature called Shield Identity Protection.  The fraud protection feature secures up to $25,000 for any stolen funds. You are protected against third parties who may use personal and financial information to complete illegal and suspicious transactions.

The MP icon found in every check ensures that your check cannot be photocopied due to its micro-security print feature. The lock icon on the other hand reflects al the security features that are added on personal and business checks.

Carousel Checks utilizes all possible security applications to ensure that you have a safe and private transaction when ordering online. The VeriSign seal is a solid symbol which guarantees customers that they are indeed ordering directly from Carousel Checks.

Carousel Checks provide customers the freedom to personalize checks at affordable prices. Do not be left out, and start ordering your personalized checks from their official website today!

Custom Designs!

Custom Checks

Build your own checks, use family photos, pictures of your dog, your favorite team’s logo, it doesn’t matter! Have fun!

Maine Coon Kittens

Maine Coon Kittens

Maine Coon Kittens Personal Checks show 4 rotating pictures of these adorable and mischievous kittens at play. Kittens are soft, cuddly, and fun to play with and to watch as they go about their daily antics.

Aloha Flowers

Aloha Flowers Checks

Flowers abound on our Aloha Flowers Top Tear Personal Checks. These checks feature bright prints with floral designs that will brighten even a gloomy mood on a rainy day.


Stripes Checks

Stripes are the title of these new fun colorful and stylish checks.We offer these checks at low prices, not just the first time you order like most other companies.

Joyful Trees

Joyful Trees Checks

These Christmas Trees are so happy about the Holiday season, they have to sing about it all of the time. Show off these Joyful Tree checks for the holiday season, and keep them singing!bell bottom jeans!

Love by Deb Eiseman

Love by Deb Eiseman Personal Checks

Love by Deb Eiseman Personal Checks have a simple design of hearts in four different colors: green, orange, blue, and pink.

Blue Marble

Blue Marble Checks

A light blue background marble pattern graces these stylish checks. Simple but elegant, these Blue Marble Personal Checks will show your style and class every time you use your checks.


Schnauzers Checks

These Schnauzers Checks picture four rotating images of these adorable little scamps just begging for you to buy them, so make them happy and get these Schnauzer checks today!

Vine Side Tear

Vine Side Tear Checks

Vine Side Tear Checks have four rotating images offering a tranquil experience every time you use your checks. The elegant and simple design comes in blue, pink, green, and gold.

American Pride

American Pride Checks

American Pride Personal Checks; show your pride in our country – value priced checks with matching Address Labels to accompany them.

Holiday Sparkle

Holiday Sparkle Checks

These Christmas inspired checks in blue and red are modern and refreshing. Show off some holiday spirit with these checks today.


Tulips Checks

Fields of gorgeous flowers make these Tulips Personal Checks a memorable display and makes writing checks so much easier! The variety of colors is awesome as they stand tall with their blossoms slowly unfolding in shades of orange, yellow, pink, red, and purple.

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