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The company, Bradford Exchange is a popular seller and distributor of top-of-the-line gifts and collectibles. Two of their best-selling products are checks and check accessories that can be purchased from their online portal.Bradford Exchange Checks guarantee utmost security upon ordering personal and business checks that caption the style, feeling, and expression of each and every customer.

More people are turning to check printing companies once their bank checks run out. One of the major reasons why this has been the case for many individuals is the fact that ordering through check printing companies enable them to customize and personalize their checks according to their preferences. In addition, check printing companies like Bradford Exchange offer checks in bulk. Customers need not wait for their bank checks to expire before they can order from the online site. Finally, Bradford Exchange Checks offer checks and accessories that are 50% cheaper than checks from banks. The advantages listed above are more than enough for you to give Bradford Exchange Checks a try.

Bradford Exchange Checks offer exclusive designs that no other check printing company can offer.  The uniqueness of check designs found in the company’s website has made them popular among young and trendy professionals. There are also checks that feature traditional patterns and designs. Simple, but elegant checks are ideal for individuals who endorse checks to companies and prospective clients.

The website of Bradford Exchange Checks also features the follow check categories:

–          Fun and Cool Checks

–          Floral Checks

–          Leisure and Sports Checks

–          Solid and patterns Checks

–          Wildlife and Nature Checks

–          Love and Friendship Checks

–          Religious and Christian Checks

Whatever your interests are, there will be a Bradford Exchange Checks design that will perfectly match and suit your taste and style. The website showcases a user-friendly interface that allows customers to browse through hundreds of check designs in an easy and convenient manner.

The products that are being sold online are grouped into categories for easy navigation. Aside from personal check designs, Bradford Exchange Checks also offer business and computer checks, address labels, and checkbook covers. You can also search for products according to check formats. Currently, Bradford Exchange Checks has 4 check formats that clients can choose from. The top-tear design is the traditional check format wherein the tear is made at the top of a check. A non-conventional, but convenient format is the side-tear format which allows for a neat and clean tear at the side of checks.

There are also home desk checks, an excellent product that you can place in your office or home desk.

Security and Safety Features

The official website of Bradford Exchange Checks is fully secured and is awarded the Verisign Secure Seal. This seal goes to show that your personal information and financial details are kept safe and secure by Bradford Checks and that you are dealing directly with the Bradford Exchange Company.

The Bradford Exchange Checks website enforces Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Your personal details are given the highest level of security from third parties. You don’t have to worry about marketing emails and sales calls as Bradford Exchange Checks ensure that sensitive information is encrypted during online transactions.

Ways to Order from Bradford Exchange Checks

There are four ways to order checks from Bradford Exchange. Customers can either call their hotline number, order by mail, fax, or place their purchase online. With so many ordering options, there’s no reason to miss out on ordering quality checks from Bradford Exchange.

Compared to the tedious process of ordering from the bank, you can order a minimum of two boxes of Bradford Exchange Checks in the comfort of your home. The company can be easily reached through phone and fax if you want to check the status of your order. It usually takes 12 to 15 days for checks to arrive via Standard Mail. Customers who need their checks immediately can choose priority mail which only takes 6 to 8 days delivery time.

Bradford Exchange is in partnership with the best shipping companies so you get your checks on time and in good condition.

Customers who are reordering checks from Bradford Exchange can take advantage of the Quick Reorder feature online. An email confirmation will be sent to a customer’s email address once the step-by-step reordering process is completed.

Bradford Exchange Checks Promos and Offers

Customers can take advantage of Bradford Exchange Checks coupon codes to enjoy considerable savings. The company’s website offer promos to first time customers as well. Coupon codes can be found from third party websites and affiliates.

Coupon codes entitle customers to as much as 50% off for shipping and delivery. There are also promos that entitle customers a free 2nd box of checks.  All a customer needs to do is type in the coupon code before completing the online payment transaction. The discount will then be automatically deducted before the website processes a transaction. Coupon codes for Bradford Exchange have no expiration date so you can make use of them every time you purchase a minimum of 2 boxes from their online store.

Bradford Exchange also sells matching check accessories. Address labels, checkbook covers, organizers, note cards, and laser checks among others can also be purchased from Bradford Exchange Checks website. The accessories are made to match any check design and format. Just like Bradford Exchange Checks, the accessories they sell are made from quality materials so customers can enjoy their utility and function for years to come.

Horse Check Designs

Moments of Majesty Horse Check Designs


Horse Checks Capture Majestic Wild Horses in Exclusive Wildlife Art Personal Checks – Powerful stallions charge along the turbulent shores of a rolling sea, their muscled limbs reaching across crashing waves in perfect tempo.

Lighthouses Check

Thomas Kinkade's Lighthouses Inspirational Christian Check Designs


Inspirational Thomas Kinkade Lighthouse Personal Checks are Inspiring Beacons of Hope and Faith – Standing securely upon the shore and extending its guiding beacon to bring travelers home safely, the lighthouse tower rises toward Heaven.

Vintage Check Designs

John Deere Vintage John Deere Check Designs


John Deere Personal Checks Pay Tribute to the American Farmer and Legendary John Deere Tractors – Available in four convenient formats! Choose your favorite: top-tear, side-tear, top-stub, or home desk checks.

Footprint Check

Footprints in the Sand Inspirational Check Designs

Inspirational Christian Checks Unite Ocean Art and the Footprints in the Sand Poem – Imagine personal Christian checks that evoke a wellspring of comfort for you!

Dog Check Designs

Golden Retriever Dog Check Designs

Golden Retriever Dog Checks Honor Your Best Friend with Exclusive Dog Check Art by Linda Picken – The Golden Retriever’s silky coat, gentle disposition, and heart of gold have made it a beloved family member.

Firefighter Check Designs

Courage Under Fire Firefighter Check Designs

Firefighter Checks Honor Patriotic Firefighter Heroes with Firefighter Personal Check Designs – Bradford Exchange Checks(R) introduces a patriotic personal check collection honoring the ordinary American patriots who stand ready each day to risk their lives in extraordinary deeds of courage.

Deer Check Designs

Winter Calm Deer Check Designs

Wildlife Deer Checks Put Majestic Bucks in Your Checkbook with Wildlife Whitetail Deer Art – What sight is more breathtaking to a nature lover than that of an impressive whitetail buck emerging from the forest depths?

Jesus Check Designs

Jesus, Light of the World Inspirational Christian Check Designs

Christian Checks Give Religious Inspiration with Every Christian Personal Check You Write – Available in two convenient formats! Choose your favorite: top-tear or side-tear.

Angel Check Designs

Angel Kisses Inspirational Angel Check Designs


Angel Checks Showcase the Beloved Angel Art of Sandra Kuck on Inspirational Personal Checks – The sweet innocence of a little angel’s kiss is yours every time you look upon this designer check collection featuring the beloved angel art of acclaimed artist Sandra Kuck.

Hummingbird Check

Lena Liu's Flights of Fancy Hummingbird Check Designs


Nature Bird Checks Feature Lena Liu’s Hummingbird Art on Personal Hummingbird Check Designs – Nature lover and star artist Lena Liu captures Nature’s loveliest, most fleeting moments – a fragile flower opening its silken petals, or a dazzling hummingbird.

Patriotic Check

God Bless America Patriotic Eagle and Flag Check Designs

American Bald Eagle and American Flag Proudly Soar in Exclusive Patriotic Personal Check Art – Available in four convenient formats! Choose your favorite: top-tear, side-tear, top-stub, or home desk checks.

Butterfly Check Designs

Lena Liu's Enchanted Wings Butterfly Check Designs


Butterfly Checks Take You to a Butterfly Flower Garden with Exclusive Lena Liu Artistic Checks – With the name Lena Liu comes images of softly romantic flower gardens and the silken beauty of butterfly wings.

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