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Wachovia Bank Checks

You, Wachovia and Your Checks

Wachovia is a bank that many Americans are familiar with. Now a part of Wells Fargo, the Wachovia group has offered plenty of services on top of their checking account services. As of 2011, all account holders who have opened their accounts with Wachovia have been fully integrated with Wells Fargo bank.

Before this financial giant was absorbed by Wells Fargo, it enjoyed plenty of success since its humble origins in North Carolina. In fact, the first incarnation of the bank was named after a region in the state called Wachovia. The original Wachovia National Bank was established in 1879 right in the heart of North Carolina.

By the end of the 1800s, Wachovia expanded their company to be the largest in the entire Southeastern United States. After a series of merges, they expanded greatly into the rest of the United States, and assimilated many other banking companies such as First Union and CoreStates Financial. Their assets remain far and wide, even after their buyout by Wells Fargo in 2008.

People who have already held checking accounts under Wachovia have successfully been absorbed into Wells Fargo. If you would like to open a new checking account, and get your shiny new checks in the process, here’s how:

• Apply at your nearest Wells Fargo branch, or online, and fill out the appropriate forms with your personal information.
• Some identification might be asked of you when you decide to apply in person. This might include your driver’s license, a student ID, or even a Wachovia account number, if you have one.
• A small fee may be required of all new account applicants. Some of this fee might also go into securing a set of checks for you, too.
• Sometimes, a new applicant will be required to make a transfer into an account with another check, credit or debit.
• You will have successfully opened a new bank account after these easy steps. You might even be issued checks with the Wachovia name, if they still have any left over from the merge!

Wachovia Checks

If you are unable to find checks that sport the old Wachovia name, then have some of your own made! Some people still find the now-defunct company, and their accompanying media, an attractive design motif to adorn a set of checks. If you are one of these people, then you’re certainly in luck; take a look at how we can help you cure the itch!

• We happen to have plenty of Wachovia designs ready and waiting for you. Pre-made designs that pay homage to the old bank will help you re-discover what made this financial institution so great before they merged with Wells Fargo.
• If you can’t find a Wachovia check worth reordering, then you can certainly have new ones made. A check that sports the older, more timeless designs found on older Wachovia publications can be made into shiny new checkbooks to serve your needs.
• Plenty of bank check accessories can also sport the Wachovia name, while offering you a bit of practical use. Things like a transaction register can help you balance out your checks, while a sturdy checkbook cover will be able to protect your checks from physical abuse as you go about your daily business.

Luckily, reordering your Wachovia bank checks is a rather painless affair once you decide to get a new set for yourself. With our easy online shopping method, you will be set with a brand new checkbook in no time, whether the old Wachovia name adorns them or otherwise!

• Fill out the online forms with your personal information, like your address and telephone numbers. We have to know where to ship the checkbooks, you know!
• In addition to the quantity of checkbooks, you will also be asked for your checking and routing account numbers.
• After you have picked the checks you want, make an easy online payment using a variety of methods.
• Wait for your shiny new Wachovia checks to arrive in the mail!

Wachovia might be a footnote in banking history today, but you can keep the name alive with a set of new checkbooks that sport the name. Steeped in the rich financial culture of the United States, there are indeed plenty of people who still remember it. After you reorder a new set of bank checks, you might meet somebody else who remembers Wachovia as vividly as you do!