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SunTrust Order Checks: Common Questions

Depositors of SunTrust order checks for a variety of reasons depending on how the account is being used.  Normally, those used for business are consumed faster than those for personal usage.  Regardless of how these bank notes are used, there are undoubtedly some questions that depositors have in their minds that need to be addressed when it comes to the use of their checking accounts.  Here are some of the concerns that you need to consider:

  1. What are the types of checks issued by SunTrust?

Usually, any depositor can who opens a checking account with SunTrust can order personal, business, and specialty checks.  In fact, the bank has a wide selection of check styles that can be viewed directly from their online catalogue. 

This gives depositors a preview of just how their checks would look before they order it so that they will have an idea if it would suit their lifestyle and preference.  Undoubtedly, some checking account holders would prefer to have checks that are reflective of their personality or type of business.

  1. How safe is it to reorder SunTrust checks?

Depositors of SunTrust order checks with relative peace of mind that each transaction they are involved with will be secured.  The primary reason is that when they reorder checks for their personal or business checking accounts, they are guaranteed to receive checkbooks that are covered by a proprietary security technology. 

This means that each check that the account holder will issue is covered by anti-fraud features that will go a long way in protecting the depositor against identity theft, which is the most prevalent crime against bank depositors.

  1. How can a depositor verify check orders?

SunTrust has a clear and easy process in ordering bank checks.  Once a depositor places an order, the check imprint information can be viewed easily to ensure that all the information provided is accurate.  You can also verify when the ordered checks will be shipped. 

The online ordering system of SunTrust allows not only for confirmation but also tracking of orders.  Normally the ordered checks will be delivered to your specified address within 11 to 14 calendar days.  The status of your order can be checked online anytime from the convenience of your home.

  1. What are the other products that can be ordered by checking account holders?

For checking account holders of SunTrust, there are a number of other products that can be ordered together with their checks.  Depositors of SunTrust order checks usually before their existing checks run out.  However, the accompanying products can be ordered any time even when it is not yet time for them to reorder checks.

Additional products that can be ordered to complement their checkbooks include personalized checkbook covers as well as address labels.  It is important to understand that these products are not only for aesthetic value, but also present an additional level of security for the SunTrust bank depositor.

  1. Can depositors order SunTrust checks from third party vendors?

Unlike other banks that normally require their checking account holders to reorder checks directly from them, this is not the case with SunTrust.  Basically, the bank provides services so that a depositor of SunTrust order checks from third party vendors of his choice should they prefer to do so.

Basically, you can just get in touch with a SunTrust representative to the details on how to go about it as well as securing the necessary forms to place an order with third party vendors.  You must remember though that SunTrust will not be responsible for the quality and the security features that are being implemented by third party vendors.

  1. How can depositors of SunTrust order checks from third parties?

Once a checking account holder of SunTrust decides to order from third parties, the important document that they will need is the MICR Specification Sheet.  When ordering checks from sources outside of SunTrust, the sheet will ensure your MICR account line.  This means that the series of numbers that are found at the bottom front of your checks are listed correctly.

Keep in mind that these series of numbers as part of the security features of your checks.  When these numbers are not listed in the right series, it can cause some problems with transactions where you use your checking account.  To order your MICR Specification Sheet, you need to contact a SunTrust representative.  Normally the depositor will receive the MICR Specification Sheet within 24 hours after placing the order with SunTrust.

  1. What other banking products accompany SunTrust checking accounts?

SunTrust provides depositors with a way of managing and monitoring their checking accounts with a number of benefits aside from reordering checks online.  When a depositor of SunTrust order checks online, the product is accompanied by the following benefits:

  • Switch Assistant – this helps depositors to make the switch and start banking with SunTrust.  This product allows for the entire process to occur in a seamless fashion.
  • Online Banking – the convenience delivered by this service allows depositors to check their account balance, transfer funds, view transaction history, and pay bills online in a secure and easy manner.
  • Mobile Banking – to simplify the process of maximizing the benefits of a SunTrust checking account, this product allows depositors to take their account wherever they go.  This also delivers the convenience of moving money between your accounts and other typical Online Banking services directly from your mobile device.
  • Overdraft Services – this is a protection mechanism that will secure the depositor by allowing him to link an existing checking account to another SunTrust deposit account.  This is intended to deliver additional funds against overdraft.  This is an optional service in case of shortfalls caused by ATM withdrawals or debit card purchases.
  • Account Alerts – SunTrust helps depositors feel secured as well as informed using this service.  Depositors will be able to receive text or email messages pertaining to their checking account.

Addressing these questions will not only make it easier for a checking account holder to maximize the benefits of banking with SunTrust, but also protect themselves against potential problems.  This means that when a depositor of SunTrust order checks, he should take into account the aforementioned considerations.

SunTrust Bank provides financial goods and services among private individuals and businesses in almost 12 Southern States in the country. It offers both commercial and retail banking to clients in all 1700 branches that are strategically located in the following states:

– South Carolina
– North Carolina
– Washington, D.C.
– Tennessee
– Virgina
– West Virginia
– Alabama
– Arkansas
– Florida
– Georgia
– Maryland
– Mississippi

SunTrust helps clients in managing finances right way. This is quite evident in the banking solutions that they provide to both individuals and companies. A trusted service that SunTrust offers is its checking account service. Now, customers can properly manage and control their finances by opening a checking account with SunTrust Bank. Listed below are some of the benefits that you get if you decide to apply for checking account with SunTrust:

• Switch Assistant

The solid products and services that this bank offers have motivated many individuals and businesses to become sensible and switch to SunTrust instead. If you are looking into opening a checking account, all you need to do is give SunTrust a call to activate and complete the switch.
With the Switch Assistant, you have the option of moving all your payables and direct deposit to a new SunTrust checking account. The best thing about this feature is the fact that you can do it right at the comfort of your own home. All you need is an internet connection or telephone line to successfully execute the switch. The Switch Assistant efficiently performs its tasks of transferring funds from an old account to a new one. This eliminates an account holder’s need to transfer cash to an actual SunTrust branch.

• Online Banking

When you open a checking account with SunTrust you are automatically given the opportunity to manage and control your finances online. This is a new feature that is becoming increasingly popular, especially for people on the go. You can easily check your checking account balance, pay bills, and forward payments into your account with no hassles.

• Mobile Banking

Technology has made it possible for SunTrust checking account holders to view their financial records and transactions through a smartphone. When you think that mobile banking is not possible, SunTrust mobile banking features will prove you wrong.

• Notifications and Alerts

Be on top of your checking account by receiving special notifications through a supported mobile device. With the Alerts feature offered by SunTrust, you can now view all transactions anywhere and anytime. You may also change the notifications settings for your account by tweaking and modifying which transactions would you like to be informed right away.

• Online Check Reorder

If you urgently need a couple of checks to complete transactions, you can simply print out a check design at the comfort of your own home. The official website of SunTrust will transfer you to the company’s online catalog. In this virtual page, you are given the chance to choose from a variety of personal check designs and styles.
Once you have chosen a design, all you need to do is download the image that you would like to place on your checks. Make sure to purchase high-quality paper so your checks will look just as equally attractive and beautiful like those that are officially released by SunTrust Bank.

• Pay Bills and Make Direct Deposits Easily with SunTrust Bank

Checking account holders can make payments and receive deposits without going to the bank as this can be setup upon opening an account. This is the perfect banking solution among individuals who lead busy and hectic schedules.

How to Reorder SunTrust Checks

SunTrust Checks can be easily purchased from the bank’s official website. They are known to have an easy and convenient reordering system in place, making them the preferred bank among people who regularly use their checks to settle payments.

There are also third party vendors that offer SunTrust checks. Checking account holders are allowed to use third party vendors as SunTrust Bank recognizes and accepts checks that are produced by check printing companies as well.

Checking account holders who want to order checks from check printing companies should contact SunTrust first. It is important to verify all your checking account information before reordering from a third party vendor. SunTrust will check and evaluate if all information you have are accurate. Once that’s done, you may go ahead and reorder your check from online check printing companies.
When choosing a check printing company to deal with, it’s important to stick with well-known and established companies. Although small printing companies offer cheaper rates, the quality of their work are not as refined as those made by reputable companies.

Look for online customer reviews or ask friends and families of check printing companies that they have dealt with in the past. People you know will give you an unbiased review, making it easy for you to stay away from companies that offer low-quality producst and poor customer service.

Once you’ve chosen the company to reorder your checks from, the next thing you need to do is pick a design or style that perfectly fits your taste and lifestyle. Check printing companies usually incorporate a Search button on their website which allows customers to easily find a design that suits their fancy. Potential clients may also upload photos and images for a more personalized and unique twist on your SunTrust checks. The price of checks from third party vendors is relatively cheaper than SunTrust offerings. In addition, ordered checks are shipped for free as well!

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