Regions Bank Checks: Simply Checking It Out!

Regions Bank Checks

Regions Bank Checks

What makes Regions Bank checks different among other checks? Join me in checking out more of the distinctive features such as affordability, reliability, accessibility, and of course, assortment. Consequently, these banking attributes are critical to differentiate checking account services relating to Regions checks

Affordable Regions Bank Checks At Your Service

Opening a checking account at Regions Bank won’t cost you a sale of any personal property. Regions checks portfolio offers a variety of options that suit your budget. As a matter of fact, you can open a checking account for as low as $50 along with $10 monthly fee. Account opening balance depends on the type of checking account you have chosen.

Most checking accounts offered at Regions Bank commonly ask for $50 opening balance such as Regions LifeGreen, Regions LifeGreen Secure Checking, and Regions LifeGreen Preferred Checking. Monthly fees charged for Regions checks range from $10 to $80. Nonetheless, the bank also features high end checking account particularly Regions PFS Checking that can cost you around $1000 for account opening, not to mention $20 monthly charge.

Imagine you can also spare your pocket from paying the monthly dues. That is if you have availed many other products and services offered by the bank, such as but not limited to direct deposit accounts, loans, financial securities, payroll, and the like.

Moreover, the bank requires specific nominal balance in order to qualify for exemption from fees. The exemption also varies depending on the type of checking account. For instance, a direct deposit balance shall exempt you from paying monthly fee of $10 on Regions LifeGreen Checking.

Reliable Funding For Regions Checks All the Time

Have you heard the news? Regions Bank is now working hand in hand with Chexar, Networks, Inc. to improve check encashment along with deposit services. That explains why you can anticipate more reliable Regions Bank checking services. Sure, you can make the most of your Regions checks.

Chexar happens to be the market leader in providing solutions for check encashment and deposit. The entity has got sufficient funding to turn your checks into instant money equivalents. Given the generous resources of the financial entity, clients can either make check encashment or checking account deposit less the hassle. That explains why Chexar financial solutions shall come handy to better serve the increasing customer base of Regions Bank, particularly, checking account clients.

In 2012, Regions Bank shall implement enhanced check encashment and deposit services with the help of Chexar Networks, Inc. That means improved cashing and funding of Regions checks from the 1,700 branches across 16 States. The bank shall also launch a new twist, cashing out of checks shall not be exclusive to people who maintain banking account with the Regions Bank. Not just that, the bank is expected to launch extraproducts and services on our portfolio below.

This time you can grab your check book whenever and wherever. There is no need for you to pay a visit at any branch of Regions Bank only to grab your personal check book. Yes, Ordering Regions Bank checks is available right at your fingertips through online check order services. Imagine you can save your time and effort visiting the branch, not to mention your car’s gas.

To place an order online, you’ll have to enroll your account. Yes, you have to fill out some particulars online that should be consistent with your bank details. The process won’t take time as long as you’re well acquainted with your checking account. Enrolment of checking account onlineenables you to place a check order just in a click. Nonetheless, you may also place an order by phone or by branch visit.

Aside from online services, you may also order Regions checks directly from Harlande Clark if you would like to skip online enrolment in case you don’t have an online account yet. Check order particulars should be consistent with your last transaction, though. That means your checking account name and address should exactly match your last check order. This way, you can anticipate for prompt delivery of Regions Bank check.

Choose As You Please Among Stylish Regions Checks

There is an array of Regions Bank check designs made available to suit your individual preferences. Indulge into an array of styles such as but not limited to custom Regions checks, secure Regions checks, trendy Regions checks, and many more. Sure, you can enjoy the generous collection of theme design Regions checks.

For personalized Regions Bank check book, you can always opt for the custom check printed with your personal photo such as that of your kid, your partner, or your entire family. Custom image prints on check can make the instrument easily identifiable although you don’t have to share your photo forcheck identity purposes. Instead, you may want to pick secure checks incorporated with special ID to easily track whether or not it came from yourcheck book.

In case you are better off with the traditional type, you can pick the modern suave check inspired by simplicity, elegance, and modernity. Had you been captivated by classic theme checks, you may go for antique checks. Should you prefer a retro touch, the fresco check fashioned in trendy prints of the 70?s shall do. Speaking of trend, you might be up for trendy plaid check or trendy skull check. And, there is so much more in store for you in the likes of paradise checks, Superman checks, frogs of the world checks, etc.

Perhaps you have already decided if Regions checks suit your checking account demand given the interesting features exclusive to Regions Bank Checks. In case you’ve already got one, these highlights might have convinced you even more that you’re on the right boat. Now for your first check order or perhaps your next check order, feel free to check our selection below


Custom Designs!
Custom Checks
Build your own checks, use family photos, pictures of your dog, your favorite team's logo, it doesn't matter! Have fun!

Beach Getaway
Beach Getaway Personal Checks
Beach Getaway Personal Checks let your mind escape to a beautiful tropical beach with sunshine and the relaxing sound of the waves.

Pink Safety Pink Safety Personal Checks
Checks are used for transaction and for paying the customer or the client their due cash amount. The checks have a room for the payee name, date and amount as well as the legroom for adding the signature of the company or the individual.

Skull Checks
Skull Checks - Skulls and More Skulls Personal Checks
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Betty Boop
Betty Boop - Just Say Boop
These Betty Boop checks are as fun and playful as Betty herself! Coordinating return address labels and checkbook cover available.

Find inner peace and harmony with these Asian-inspired designs. Coordinating address labels and checkbook cover available.

Island Paradise
Island Paradise Top Tear Personal Checks
Relax and forget your worries with Island Paradise Top Tear Personal Checks! There are four different images of beaches featuring palm trees, sunset, and the ocean waves.

Antique Dots
Antique Dots Personal Checks
If your a simple soul, Antique Dots Personal Checks are perfect for you. These checks have a plain design of dots and swirls in various colors of brown.

Disney Fairies Checks
Disney Fairies Checks
With Tinkerbell being introduced in 1953 in Peter Pan, Disney fairies have been a very popular franchise. Get four beautiful scenes of gorgeous fairies with this check series.

Mickey Fun-Tastic Mickey Fun-Tastic Checks Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, and Goofy are some of the most popular characters of the Disney franchise. Experience your favorite Disney characters and their favorite sayings with this fun and entertaining series of checks.

Metro Checks
Metro Checks
By popular demand, introducing a new classic look check series. These four contemporary patterns have an urban metropolitan look and appeal, hence the name - Metro!

ASPCA® Dogs Checks ASPCA®  Dogs Checks Support one of your favorite charities. 6% of the retail price from these checks go to the ASPCA® for humane programs.