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Reorder PNC Bank Checks: 2 Possible Sources

There is no doubt that eventually, every checking account holder will need to face up to the fact that they need to reorder PNC Bank checks. This is a normal occurrence that happens to every checking account holder, with the frequency varying distinctly depending on how much the checking account is being used in financial transactions. Regardless whether it is personal or business checking accounts, when the bank checks in the checkbook run out, the time to reorder has to begin.

With the advances in technology, the banking system has provided more options to its various depositors on how they can maximize the use of their finances. Basically, financial institutions today provide two possible sources where they can get their bank checks, without having to worry about the possibility of being victimized by scams, frauds, identity theft, and other similar financial crimes. Look at the how checking account holders can reorder PNC Bank checks.

Financial institution where the account is held.

By far, the simplest way to reorder bank checks is to go through the financial institution where the account is being held. This can be a local bank or even a credit union. This is considered the simplest way, but not necessarily the best way to reorder PNC Bank checks. The process of going to the financial institution where the account is being held is considered the simplest because they already have the information necessary like routing number, checking account number, and address of the checking account holder.

Moreover, it is important for checking account holders to realize that even if it is the simplest, it does not necessarily translate to being the cheapest or most affordable way to reorder bank checks. In most instances, financial institutions also offer checking account holders very limited options on design as well as the amount of information that can be printed on their bank checks. Not to mention the potential shortage of check accessories that can be quite useful.

When ordering from the financial institution where the account is being held, the checking account holder is actually given two options that can be considered:
• Go to the local branch – this is perhaps the safest method for any traditional checking account holder. This entails going to the bank branch, standing in line, filling up forms, paying for the order, and filing the order with the bank clerk. It is quite a tedious process when you have to consider that the checking account holder also has to contend with driving in traffic and looking for appropriate parking space near the bank.

Another thing to consider is that it is not a very flexible way to reorder bank checks. This is because checking account holders need to be aware of the banking hours, which means ordering of bank checks would be impossible after the bank closes as well as during weekends and bank holidays. The delivery time can also be quite long depending on the actual number of transactions being handled by the branch processing the order.

• Online banking facility – with the computerization of financial institutions as well as the prevalence of Internet connections and computer systems in many residences, online banking was introduced. This type of service provided by financial institutions allows depositors to implement banking services from the comfort of their homes. This means having the capability to transfer funds, pay bills, send funds, receive funds, and a whole lot of other services including reordering of bank checks.

To take advantage of this facility, checking account holders would normally need to make a request to enroll in online banking. A username with a corresponding password would normally be assigned to allow depositors to log into the system. With PNC Bank, there is a facility for Automatic Check Reorder, which is their solution for a worry-free maintenance of the checking account.

What this does is that it alerts the checking account holder when it is time to reorder bank checks. This is made possible because PNC Bank keeps track of the number of checks that have been written and cleared for a particular account from the time of last reorder. Normally, a notification will be made about two and a half months before the projected time bank checks will run out. The cost of the bank checks will be deducted automatically from the checking account by PNC Bank.

Third party check printers

The second option on how to reorder PNC Bank checks is to make use of third party check printers found online. There have been many reservations expressed by checking account holders when dealing with third party check printers primarily because of the prevalence of scams and fraud on the Internet. This is why before attempting to order from these types of services, checking account holders should do their own investigation to have the peace of mind and confidence to place their orders.

When dealing with third party check printers, more often than not, checking account holders would need to provide some personal and financial information when placing the order. It is essential that the routing number, checking account number, and other information that the checking account holder wants to appear on the bank checks. There are actually two basic types of third party check printers that can be considered.

• Internet partners – these are third party check printers that are accredited or recognized by the financial institution where the account is being held. This is different from the online banking facility in the sense that Internet partners do not handle anything except the printing of bank checks. Depositors can go directly to the website of these Internet partners without having to place the order through the financial institution. The benefit is that the transaction is handled faster and possibly cheaper.

• Independent third party check printers – these are online businesses involved in the printing of business checks. They are good options to consider because they allow a wide horizon for customization and personalization of bank checks. This means having more designs available as well as accessories to buy when you reorder PNC Bank checks. These third party check printers also institute an additional level of proprietary security for the benefit of checking account holders.

It is also important to note that normally; orders are processed and delivered faster compared to those placed with financial institutions or their Internet partners. Moreover, the rates are even very competitive that in the long-term, they can be considerably cheaper considering the bank checks are quite unique with added levels of security.

These are the two possible sources that checking account holders can consider when they want to reorder PNC Bank checks.

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