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Reorder Comerica Checks: 2 Ways To Get Photo Checks

When the time comes to reorder Comerica checks, checking account holders should seriously consider using photo checks. There are actually three acceptable reasons for this; first, is that it helps checking account holders establish their identity and personal preference apart from everyone else who has a bank check. Second, it helps present an additional level of security that is normally not implemented by traditional financial institutions. Third, it is reasonably priced for the kind of value it brings to both personal and business checking accounts.

As its name suggests, photo checks give checking account holders the flexibility of placing an image on their bank checks. It does not matter what type of picture is placed, the important consideration is that it must be of high resolution to ensure the best printing quality possible and allow the bank check to remain presentable. Checking account holders who want to reorder Comerica checks and consider using photo checks should be aware that there are actually two convenient ways to achieve this.

Order from Third Party Check Printers Online

There is no question that this is perhaps one of the most affordable, easiest, and most convenient way to have photo checks when you reorder Comerica checks. This is because online prices are quite reasonable compared to those from traditional financial institutions. Considering the quality of the products as well as the level of customization and personalization involved, there is no denying that it is a cost-efficient way to have unique bank checks.

Checking account holders who want to order photo checks from third party check printers also do not have to worry about having the right type of software application, printer, and special paper, and magnetic ink to carry out the job. All they have to do is to provide the necessary personal and financial information to complete the ordering process for the bank checks. It is important to point out that the ordering process may differ among third party check printers.

Normally, checking account holders are expected to provide pertinent details like routing number, checking account number, and starting check number together with their orders. This is aside from the personal information that will be required like the name of the checking account holder, address, contact number, and other data that may appear on the bank check. Usually, a maximum of five personal data can appear in every bank check.

The responsibility to ensure the validity and accuracy of the information lies on the checking account holders and not the third party check printers. It is equally important to review the terms and conditions to be prepared for any eventuality in case a problem arises. Basically, third party check printers have literally thousands of high quality images in their database that checking account holders can choose from.

Checking account holders also have the option to submit their own images, provided that they comply with the requirements of the checking account holders. It is important to follow these requirements, otherwise, the images may be returned and the entire ordering and printing process will be delayed unnecessarily. These requirements are put in place to ensure that the high quality of the bank checks as well as the printed images is maintained and consistent.

Placing an image on bank checks makes it harder for unscrupulous individuals to write checks against your account because they would have to copy your face as well if your face is the image that appears on the bank check. Aside from this security feature, the recommendations of the American Banking Association as well as the proprietary security protocols of the third party check printers are also reflected in the bank checks when you reorder Comerica checks.

Print out your Own Photo Checks

The second way to have photo checks is to print them out. Before doing so, it is important to ensure that the entire process is done correctly by having the necessary tools ready. Checking account holders should realize the importance of this because it will involve their time and money, and even the simplest mistake can have potentially devastating consequences in their financial transactions.

It is important to point out that printing your own photo checks is not for everyone. Usually, this is done by those who want to have their own personalized security feature that they do not want to disclose to third party check printers. If the only motivation is to have your own picture on your bank checks, it is better to make use of pre-built packages that do not need any specialized software, or better yet, just get the services of third party check printers online to reorder Comerica checks.

To successfully print your own checks and save time and money as well, you will need the following items:

• Specialty paper – checking account holders cannot use ordinary paper because it can jeopardize their financial information and open them up to scams and frauds. These specialty paper products have built-in security features that will make it harder for the printed checks to be altered. When used in combination with steps on printing tamper-resistant checks, checking accounts can become more secured.

• Printing equipment – this can be virtually any type of printer available in various office retailers. Many experts however recommend the use of laser printers primarily because of the quality of the output as well as its consistency.

• Software applications – there are a number of commercial software applications today that can be used to print bank checks. The role of these software applications is to create an interface to simplify the entire process as well as help checking account holders monitor the activity of their accounts without having to manually enter them. There are many money management software applications that can be used for this purpose.

• Magnetic ink – it is quite difficult to buy printing equipment with magnetic ink. However, ink cartridges can be refilled with magnetic ink to serve this purpose. It is possible not to use magnetic ink, but, there is a risk that it cannot be read by optical readers being used in financial institutions. This means that manual processing may be involved. It is also important to point out that not the entire check needs to be printed with magnetic ink. Only the MICR line where the bank information is located requires this special type of ink.

These are two of the most practical ways to have photo checks when you reorder Comerica checks.

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